Aerobine-Balanced Rotors

Balancing quality is by far the most noticeable character of a “Premium” quality highspeed dental handpiece.

A unique high-speed dental rotor auto-balancing technique, invented by Aerobine and now patent-pending, is the key enabling technology for “Low-cost” premium high-speed hand-piece balancing quality.

Achieving smooth, aero-sounding rotor balancing for high-speed dental rotors is usually a costly procedure done by a highly-skilled technician using a sophisticated rotor balancing machine.

This important step in premium dental handpiece making cannot be avoided and is very difficult to perform within a short time frame.

But Aerobine did it! And it is the main reason why Aerobine can offer all of its highspeed handpieces at highly competitive prices.

We also offer high-volume premium rotor balancing and turbine packaging service (high-speed dental rotors of any type).  Please contact us and ask about turbine packaging sample evaluation program.  Send inquiries to or call 858-277-1700 during normal business hours (US PST).